Sennebogen S 7700 R-SL (2018)

Sennebogen S 7700 R-SL (2018)

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Product name: Sennebogen S 7700 R-SL starlifter / K1

Lift. capacity: 300 to.

Year: 2018

Location: Germany

Product ID: PCM1034

  • Technical details


    Engine: Caterpiller C1; 313kW; US EPA Tier3 EU StufeIIIa

    Operation hours: 2.534 h

    Boom: 63,5 m

    Extensions: 3,5 m runner (42 t)

    Winches: 2

    Safety device: Original

    Counterweights: 105 t; 40 t;

    Hook Blocks: 50 t (1 sheaves); 100 t (3 sheaves)





    Sennebogen hydraulic crawler crane 7700 R-SL starlifter - K1

    - Hydraulic crawler crane in a particularly robust design with first-class quality components

    - SENNEBOGEN MAXCAB cab with sliding door, vibration-damped large-area driver's area, with excellent sound insulation, large-area cab with excellent all-round visibility and new ergonomically designed control panels, tinted safety glass, front window can be opened, large roof window, windshield wiper - washer system for front and roof window.

    - Strong rotary drive with 3 rotary gears and slewing gear freewheel

    - Modern, powerful hydraulic system in 4-circuit technology

    - Tool

    - Ballast consisting of 105t rear ballast and 40t central ballast in the undercarriage

    - Performance package with Caterpillar diesel engine C11, emissions according to IJS EPA Tier 3-EU Stage IIIa, water-cooled, 313kW - 1800min-1

    - SENNEBOGEN MAXCAB comfort driver's cab can be hydraulically swiveled outwards and hydraulically tilted approx. 20 degrees backwards, for a better view and an ergonomic working position

    - Sun blind for roof windows

    - Top window made of bulletproof glass, rigidly glazed (18.52mm)

    -  Step grate next to cabin, without railing (screwed)

    - Heating- automatic air conditioning (air conditioning) with central control unit, fresh air and circulating air level with particle filter, defroster switch, adjustable ventilation nozzles for an optimal room climate.

    - Air-sprung comfort driver's seat with intervertebral disc support, seat heating, headrest and seat belt

    - Automatic idling for diesel engine

    - Eco circuit for diesel engine

    - SENNEBOGEN diagnostic system

    - SENNEBOGEN Hydro-Clean: hydraulic ultra-fine filter system with water absorption, contamination indicator (increased oil cleanliness and oil service life) recommended equipment especially when using bio oil

    - Hydraulic bolting of the boom foot on the upper structure for easier dismantling (recommended for transport width 3 m).

    - Hydraulic activation of the slewing gear brakes and slewing gear motors via ball valves and pressure accumulators so that the crane can align itself with the wind

    - Crane winch 140kN pulling force (max. 200kN in the 1st position) with special grooves (Lebus system), rope diameter 28mm, low-maintenance (rear winch 1), without rope

    - 1 wedge lock incl. Wedge for hoist rope, diameter 28mm, enclosed loosely with the machine

    - Rotation speed regulation via 3-position toggle switch

    - Wide-track undercarriage, track 6800mm, strong HD cast drive, drive length 9500mm

    - Strong chain drive with 200t propulsive force

    - Hydraulic undercarriage lifting device consisting of 4 hydraulic cylinders with individual actuation via radio remote control and emergency actuation on the undercarriage for loading the basic device.

    - Attaching and dismantling the crawler tracks: hydraulic cylinders in the guy stand for mounting, dismounting and loading the crawler tracks

    4-fold round sling hanger for lifting the ballast stones and the jib sections, 1 round sling hanger for lifting the wheel carriers

    - Electric refueling pump with level cut-off

    - Camera system - basic package with 3 cameras; includes 1 color monitor 7 inches, monitor with 4-way splitting, expandable up to a maximum of 4 cameras, 3x color camera with 115 degrees, image angle for rear view camera; right side of the machine; Winches

    - 2 hand fire extinguishers type PD6

    - Lighting package consisting of:

    2 headlights integrated in the cab roof at the front left

    2 headlights (24 V - 110 watts) mounted on the upper frame on the front right

    1 piece headlight (24 V - 110 watt) on the rear right of the cabin roof.

    2 additional headlights (24 V - 1 10 watt) mounted on the rear of the upper structure on the left and right on the rear wall.

    - Complete crane safety device with electronic load moment limiter LMB for main boom with crane acceptance, rope run-off safety device for both main winches including load weight display via the electronic load moment limiter

    - Event recorder, recording of information from the overload protection

    - Working area limitation - individually programmable. Limitation of rotation angle and boom radius

    - Wind gauge with display in the LMB display, red lamp for jib tip 24V low energy and cable drum

    - Winch movement display for hoisting winches and boom adjustment winches

    - Cast base plates 1200mm, rounded

    - Operating and maintenance instructions in duplicate in German or English

    - Two spare parts lists in German or English

    - Crane winch 140kN pulling force (max. 200kN in the 1st position) with special grooves (Lebus system), rope diameter 28mm, low-maintenance (front winch 2), without rope

    - Rope winch for pulling in the ropes, incl. Rope, length 330m. Rope diameter 10mm

    - Ballast storage facility via hydraulic cylinder at the rear with chain suspension

    - increased ballast - 135t in the superstructure (instead of 105t) and 40t in the undercarriage - with LMB approval

    - Crane acceptance for reduced ballast, 85t rear ballast (instead of 105t) and 40t central ballast

    - Erecting aid for long jib lengths consisting of (2 pieces each): support beam; Spindle; Support plate

    - Main boom SH, length 18.7m consisting of:

    ATTENTION: see boom configuration in the technical data sheet:

    7.0m foot piece type 2409

    5.6m intermediate piece type 2409-V, reinforced

    4.6m conical spacer, type 2409

    1.5m boom head type T220 / 300 in hammer design including plastic rope pulleys, boom adjustment via A-frame and adjustment winch,

    Jib bracing for SH boom system (main boom in SH version up to 91.5m length, luffing fly jib WS and spout jib can be attached - acceptance not included)

    Cantilever head type T220 / 300 with plastic roller set for a max. Load capacity of 300t. The crane is accepted up to 300t. Valid for SH and SHWS, not possible with SHLH.

    -2x 11.2m intermediate arm piece SH type 2409, including bracing and connecting parts (for SH arm system)

    -2x 11.2m intermediate arm piece SH type 2409-V, reinforced, including bracing and connecting parts (for SH arm system)

    -Beak boom S42.1 approx. 3.5m for crane loads up to 42t

    - Pinion-tooth lubrication for slewing ring, lubrication pump to be operated from the cabin, with special grease and pinion lubrication system

    -Radio with CD player

    -1 rotating beacon on the cabin

    -50 to. Single hook 28mm. 1-roll

    -100 to. Double hook for 28mm, 3-roller

    -Lift rope, winch l, length 650m

    -Lift rope, winch Il, length 650m




    Crane is in very good working condition, clean and dry.





    Changes excepted and Subject to prior sale. For further information please contact us.

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